A Little Less Talk and A Lot More Jazz

*Today, I’d like to share my love of jazz with you, my reader. Normally on Mondays I post poetry, but today I thought I’d do something a little different.

One of my favorite jazz musicians, Chet Baker, a vocalist and trumpet player, is the inspiration behind this Monday’s post. If you’ve never heard a record of his, let me spell it out for you: He is amazing. His voice is hauntingly smooth – it almost sounds like his throat is coated with honey, and that the musical notes have no choice but to roll out eloquently and soothingly. He is responsible for creating one of my favorite songs of all time – the notes are slow and rich, the theme perfectly romantic. Overall, the song evokes a sense of deep yearning, a sense of hopeless love, and a touch of mysticism. Take some time from your day, even if you’re not remotely interested in jazz/jazz musicians and listen to the song, While My Lady Sleeps. Venture into that place with me – the place where all else fades away, your worries, your regrets, and sorrows, and all you can hear are the sweet melancholy tones of Chet Baker singing his heart away. Enjoy!

While My Lady Sleeps by Chet Baker

The moon will rise
but all in vain –
For there’s no use in shining
while my lady sleeps

The breeze will sing
a sad refrain –
because her heart is pining
while my lady sleeps

Starlight and moonlight
and amorous melody wasted –
What can they mean
when i’m yearning for kisses never tasted?

The night may hold a million dreams –
but when her eyes discover
just a lonely lover
she will hurry on
with a sigh to the dawn,
while the willow tree weeps
and my lady sleeps…


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