Summertime Sadness With a Little Less Lana Del Rey

My readers it is time! On the heels of April rain come the insufferable heat-waves of summer. Yes, that overwhelming flush of hot, sticky air that turns tiny beads of sweat into rivers of smelly perspiration. For some, the deviously hot summer months give birth to short-lived romance, travel opportunities and beloved family vacations. Warm woolen sweaters get shoved to the back of the closet, rain-boots get neatly tucked away, and all things winter are replaced by string-bikinis and loads of 50-proof sunscreen. While summer might be a time to “let loose” for most people, I have become acquainted with summer in a very unique way. For me, the summer months always provide a time of hiatus, a season during which most of my energy is put toward writing and deep introspection.

Year after year, June, July and August have always been my months of pure escape – relief from masses of people, deadlines, and 8am-start-of-the-day-stresses. Interestingly, this summer will not only be a time of escape and introspection for me, it will also become a time during which I seek to care for myself emotionally. Having endured the tumultuous fall and spring semesters of my junior year of college, in an extremely rigorous graduate architecture program, my goal for this summer is to “heal” – to mend all of the gaps, the voids and the scars from a number of hurtful experiences I encountered during the academic year.

To start, I’ve developed a simple, yet effective plan for myself – a “manifesto” of sorts. It reads like this:

“For as hard as I work and as much time as I put into becoming a “better,” more loving,

more open-minded person, I owe it to myself to use this summer as a time of emotional healing.

The people I’ve encountered, the friends I’ve trusted, the hours I’ve labored in school,

all weigh extremely heavily on me.

Restoring myself and allowing myself to heal from all of the trash dealt my way

will involve breaking down my walls of distrust,

rekindling my ability to hope, and ultimately, growing closer in my relationship with God.

I plan to write as much as I need to, be as honest with myself as possible, and to be as transparent with others as need be…”

The real question is, “What does my summer of emotional healing look like?” Will it involve going to the beach every weekend, attempting to relax? Or, is it deeper than that: an investigation of the events that led to emotional turmoil in the first place? Is it a commitment to meditation or scripture reading? Or, more like hanging out with close friends once a week to restore my sense of trust? I may not know what my emotional healing process will look like, whether the time I need to heal will indeed be a summer, or a life-time of soul-searching, but I intend to write about the process.

With that being said, you my reader, can expect a new blog post once a week Saturdays at 12pm. Starting tomorrow I’ll be posting anything from new poetry and insights about my personal growth, to snippets of the crazy experiences that occurred during my junior year of college. In the end, my hope for you as a reader is to be inspired and, that by sharing honestly about my own life experiences I would lend an ounce of healing to yours.

A(head) of Thought

A(head) of Thoughts


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