Mid-morning Groceries

Love’s To-do List

on mondays
I fear I might see you in the
produce aisle
that you’ll be
picking fruit
and my chagrin will
overwhelm me
that your soft hair
comforting your
will leave a
frog in my throat
and all the words
I know to say will be
on tuesdays
I imagine you at the
record store
thumbing through blues
sliding your fingers
past the Rolling Stones
and glancing upward
to look me

wednesdays always catch me –

I pretend
I hear you
calling my name
that just within earshot
is the faint echo of your voice:
deep, melodic and low
I pretend that you are near me
placing your hand on my back
telling me Friday will come.

Thinking thoughts of love...

Thoughts of love


2 thoughts on “Mid-morning Groceries

  1. After reading your blog, I immediately thought about thoughts aboit the ways I deal with my friends. Close friends can often challenge us to think about what is at stake In maintaining relationships. Yes I agree with you. The best relationships will often call for us to suffer. They are the best ones aa they cause us to mature! Thank you for your post!

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