Living In Between

Hello readers! Today’s feature of the week is a young writer like myself named StephAnn Feroza. Her blog the “Daily Sojourner” is one that inspires me. With eloquent words and a vibrant sense of expression, she writes about her travles and experiences that shape her growth as a person. Here is her post on culture and living “In Between,” as she puts it. Enjoy!

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The Daily Sojourner

Credit to Credit to a great article: The Enigma of Arrival in Denizen Magazine

I’m in between countries, in a strange kind of limbo. The parental units insisted that I come ‘home’ before jetting off further down the Hemisphere. And, of course, the opportunity to see my family despite the otherwise unfavorite location led me to say ‘yes’. So, with Los Angeles on my left hand and São Paulo on my right, I’m nestled in Port of Spain, Trinidad as my travel midpoint and ‘rest stop’, of sorts.

Jouvert in Port of Spain

I’ve long written off Port of Spain as a dead city. Aside from the astonishing revelry and debauchery of carnival (only in February), and the occasional fun at a local gay bar, not much goes on here for the quiet, introverted dreamer wanting to explore.

Carnival, a party on the streets...and the fences. Carnival, a party on the streets…and the fences.

Port of Spain is the city of commerce for…

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