Liebster Blog Award – The Blogosphere Welcomes You!

Hello readers! Today is a great day here on When Life Gives You Lemons because my blog has received the Liebster Blog Award! I would like to thank fellow blogger, RipplesNReflections for nominating When Life Gives You Lemons for the award. I am overjoyed and very glad that my writing is being recognized and welcomed into the blogosphere community. It feels great!

Here are a couple of questions I’ve been asked to answer:

1. Why do you blog?
Blogging for me is about getting my voice out into the world. I love writing about the human experience and the issues I face day-to-day. In doing so, I hope to give other people an outlet by which they can reflect on their own life-experiences.

2. What is your favorite time for writing?
I enjoy writing when it’s raining outside. The sound of the rain is wonderfully soothing and it really helps me think.

3. Do you like social media? Which is your favorite?
Great question! I think social media is useful for keeping in touch with the people you love. I would say Facebook is my favorite, while Instagram comes in at a close second.

4. Do you like reading? What would you pick as your favorite author or book?
I absolutely LOVE reading. Reading for me has always been a way of escaping into another world and learning about myself through the characters. My favorite author is actually a poet: Emily Dickinson. Her work is deep and introspective.

5. Do you like to day-dream?
Yes, haha. Rather than “day-dream” I’d say day-think. There have been moments where I’m so deep in thought, staring off somewhere, completely oblivious to people trying to get my attention around me.

6. Do you love pets? Do you have one? Did you have one?
I really love pets. When I was a kid my god-father gave my family a beautiful golden Chow dog. We named him Maxwell.

7. Do you believe marriage is necessary?
“Necessary” is an interesting word when paired with marriage. I would say no – marriage is not “necessary” for living a good life. Many people find fulfillment in other aspects of life besides companionship.

8. Where do you live?
I’m currently a college student studying architecture at Florida International University. Campus living is great!

9. Do you like to travel?
Yes, and I wish that I could travel more. There are so many places to go, people to meet, and so much food to eat!

10. Do you like poetry?
Yes, I really love poetry. It is one of my favorite ways to express myself as a writer.

11. What is your favorite cuisine?
Right now I would say ceviche. It’s a seafood dish from Latin America made with lime juice, all sorts of shellfish, and it can be very spicy.

Now, for my nominees!

Here are some questions I’d like you to answer:

1. As a writer, what inspires you?

2. What is the absolute craziest thing you have written about? (And if you haven’t yet, what’s the craziest thing you would write about?)

3. Some people say they see the world in “black and white,” so to speak. How do you see the world? Black and white or color-filled?

3. Which writer do you admire the most?

4. Which of your hobbies bring you the most joy?

5. Do you believe that love exists?

6. Are you a person that holds a grudge, or do you easily forgive?

7. If you could pick one place to travel, where would you go?

8. What is something you find weird about yourself?

9. Would you describe yourself as an introvert or an extrovert?

10. Which of these means the most to you: loyalty, trust, love, or friendship?

11. Who is the person that you admire most in your life?



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