FEATURE OF THE WEEK – Miguel Sanchez

Hello readers! It is that time again: feature of the week! Every Wednesday at 1pm, I feature the work of another writer, artist, or designer on When Life Gives You Lemons. It’s my way of showing support as a fellow creative thinker and raising awareness of the new and innovative artists in the creative community.

Today’s feature is a friend and colleague of mine named Miguel Sanchez. He’s an up and coming photographer and designer. I first met Miguel last fall in the Masters of Architecture program at Florida International University. I was intrigued to find out he was interested in photography and was working on a portrait series at the time. Here’s a short interview I conducted with Miguel to find out a little more on what makes him tick:

As an up and coming photographer, how do you see yourself fitting into the art-world/photography world? What do you bring to the table?

First of all, thanks for featuring me on your blog. I can honestly say that the first thing I bring to the table within this “messed up” art-world is my LOVE and APPRECIATION of ART in general. Truthfully, I’m not sure if I fit in within both the photography and fine art world. As an artist, the reason why I say I don’t think I fit in is because I’m tired of always creating something or trying to produce something amazing in order to “fit in” within artsy friendships, the “artsy world” or even blogs, etc. I’ve learned to establish a set of rules for myself that help me know that, first of all, I create art because I love doing so, whether it be a photograph, a drawing or an oil painting – I first do it because I love it. Secondly, I create art because it’s who I am – every color, shadow, or movement that I come across each day becomes a new project or idea to be taken care of. It’s almost like a secret lifestyle that I live day by day. Lastly, I want those who are important around me to believe in me and hopefully appreciate the work I produce. That feeling, for me, is something that the “art world” itself can never compare to.

When did you become interested in photography and what was your inspiration?

As far as I can remember, I became interested in photography when I found out from different professors at Miami-Dade College that I’d need to start photographing my architectural models in order to create a digital portfolio in order to transfer to a fully accredited University that offers a solid curriculum in architecture. With this said, I then got a Canon camera that my parents bought for me and that’s when I began. It slowly became an obsession to learn how to use this camera to the best of my ability and photograph my models. This obsession led me to photograph architectural buildings, interior spaces, landscapes, and people – eventually becoming something I could actually get paid to do. I must add that I’m very much thankful to a beautiful lady I came across and have known for some time for inspiring me. She is an amazing photographer as well and has an incredible eye for things. She showed me the ropes, so to speak, and taught me to how to photograph people as I was starting out. Back to what I was saying earlier, once I found out that I could actually get paid for capturing beautiful moments of people or photographing an apartment by an interior design firm, I realized I was no longer trying to create beautiful photos for myself, but most importantly for my clients to see and keep. That’s the beauty of photography and art in general: when you know and are able to witness someone say, “Ahh wow! You really have an eye for things,” or “NICE! I wasn’t expecting these results from someone as young as you.”

As an artist, what advice would you give to others like yourself?

I would say to first create art because it pleases you to do so. Secondly, to just be yourself and try to be as humble as you can be, even though it can be a challenge once you’re getting good at something and your ego wants to take control over everything. And thirdly, just be humble again. There’s nothing more rewarding than when you meet a person and you find out how talented the person is. He/she just welcomes your comments and ideas as if you were not talking about him/her at all – the person is just as loveable as he/she can be because of who the person is and not for what he/she wishes others would want him/her to be.

Lastly, what goals do you hope to achieve after graduating from the Masters of Architecture program at FIU?

Well, I’ve always had this great idea of mine ever since I found these three beautiful elements that I do, which are painting, photography and architecture. One day, I’d love to exhibit all three of these elements in a gallery or solo show, with each in their own space, while simultaneously reading all three as a cohesive body of work that represents who I am as an artist or and as a person. And the rest, I just want to keep doing what I love and I thank God most importantly. Above all things, he has blessed me with the skills that I continue to develop and that I most assuredly love to use in my life.

Below, you can find snapshots of Miguel’s work from his portrait series. Find him and follow him on Facebook (Miguel Sanchez), and also on Instagram @mywayphotoss 🙂








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