Artistic, driven and passionate – these three words describe the multi-talented and creative thinker I’ve chosen for today’s feature-of-the-week: Kaylah BIASED. A friend of mine and fellow artist, she truly represents a young person that strives daily to perfect her craft, connect with like-minded individuals, and is always in pursuit of the strange and the beautiful. As a photographer, Kaylah lives for the “weird.” Her identity as both photographer and graphic artist is rooted in her understanding of the world as a mesh of unique occurrences that shape human existence. In a recent conversation I had with BIASED she simply explained to me, “My photos have to be weird.” The inspiration behind her outlook on photography stems much from the works of Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg, two pioneers of modern art. The pop-art style and use of color can be seen in Kaylah’s self-portrait photography.

All in all, BIASED work reflects her passion as an artist and her desire to bring new and fresh ideas to the creative world. “Let me continue being myself – because just being myself I will go far,” words from the self-driven and highly motivated Kaylah. To find out more about her vision as an artist, I conducted a short interview with her:

As a photographer, which things about the art-world inspire you the most?

In the art-world the diversity inspires me. It gives me the motivation to continue to be weird and different. My inspiration comes from everyday people. And I try to showcase that in my photography. I love to capture and create what everyday people do and wear, and their movements, from an artistic view.

When it comes to photography, how would you describe your vision/desire?

My vision is to capture and create things and moments that people don’t think about. I truly want to blow their minds with my art. My desire is to get people to understand that there is a message in my photography, a story. There’s a reason why I took this photo or edited in this way. But you just have to take the time to understand it.

As an African American young woman, you’ve chosen to wear natural hair (dread-locks). How does this image influence your identity as an artist?

My dread-locs play a major role in my self portrait photography and as an African American woman. After I graduated high school I was looking for a change. I wanted to become what I always envisioned in my mind. Being natural and creating this form of art has changed my life. I truly love my hair. If you look at my photography you will see that my hair plays a major role in it.

Lastly, what can your followers hope to expect from you within the next year, as a photographer?

Next year will be an even bigger year for me as a photographer. Last year, my men’s photo shoot “Urban Outsiders” was featured in Royal Press Magazine, this year I am doing a part II, entitled “Downtown 14” that is basically inspired and driven from the 1981 film “Downtown 81” based off on my inspiration Jean Michel Basquiat’s life and the art world in the 80’s. I will be collaborating with other artists and weirdos. Just expect to see some ART that will blow your mind.

Here’s a sampling of Bias’ work and ways to contact her:
You can find and follow BIASED on Instagram @KAYLAHBIASED & @BIASEDART.







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