I Come Bearing Fruit

Hi! I am Danyealah Green-Lemons. I started writing this blog When Life Gives You Lemons in the summer of 2013. My sole purpose for beginning a blog was to write because I had something to say and to bring truth to a world that continually chooses to mask it. Here I am, writing to you again, my reader. This summer, I will endeavor to share my deepest thoughts with you. Be aware: this blog is not a diary. It is a collection of thoughts, poems, and life-reflections. My hope is to stretch your mind, cry with you, laugh with you, and maybe even entertain you with the things I will be writing about. Everyone has a story and I am here to share mine – thought by thought, tear by tear, moment by moment.

With that said, this summer is one moment. It is one fraction of time that I am choosing to parcel out and to share with wonderful readers, like yourself. My request from you is simple:

Be patient with me.

Writing is hard. I am challenging myself to be transparent with you and share the knowledge and beauty that has come from my life as a person. The majority of my insight comes from the tremendous amount of times that I haven’t “gotten things right” – I say this gracefully, and with a smile because wisdom gained through mistake-making (living) is intrinsically valuable. Following this idea of wisdom gained, are the experiences that give birth to it and the underlying issues at the heart of those experiences. The issues that I will be writing about this summer concern my own struggles with self-identity and self-worth, and how as a young black woman, I wrestle through them day-to-day.

With this, I humbly say: stick along for the ride! Be on the look-out for my first official post of the summer titled, “Vivir: Conversations With My Inner Child,” going up on Wednesday, June 17th at 12pm. I am excited to share my world with you. 🙂

A looking head - Looking Ahead

A looking head – Looking Ahead

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