A Man’s World

What Men Do Eyes follow the rim of her skirt tracking her further further gone. Give that girl a dollar Haven’t seen somethin’ like that in years Baby got back. Teeth clench down at the girl with goodies biting harder … Continue reading

Café con Leche

Skeletons in my closet wave hello having learned all too quickly my poison of choice: I’ll have one Latino man with a cup of charisma – hold the machismo… Skeletons in my closet mock me reminding me that love is … Continue reading


One-liners are the best.

Hang on the edge of brevity –

Mingle with the idea of time.

One line,
in line,

She waits for his line…

Hopes for a subtle change,

Waits on promised time –

One line,
in line,

She waits for his line.

1. catfish
someone who pretends to be someone they are not online to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances.


New Money

You are the possibility of something new:
Mint green money, freshly pressed.

Your smile beckons the horizon,
Your lips bring in the tide.

You are the idea I’ve been waiting for:
The stroke of genius I long for.

The lines on your face spell love,
The glint in your eyes breeds desire.

From afar I wonder,
At a distance I watch –

Putting together the What could be’s, the maybe’s, and the maybe not’s…