A Waltz in Three

Hello blogosphere! After a month’s hiatus, I’ve returned to the beloved world of When Life Gives You Lemons. Today’s post is a collection of three poems, all of which were written at different times, hold unique meanings, and reflect a … Continue reading

Eat, Sleep, Obey

Life Lesson # 11 The Things We Believe What if we stopped believing what the world has to say about us? What if we stopped believing in the names people use to label us – black, white, yellow, light-skinned? I … Continue reading

The Black Crayon in the Crayola Box

Life-Lesson #9 Everybody Has a Story A tinge of self-hatred arises when I think about the color of my skin. When I was younger, I was made fun of because of the darkness of my skin-complexion. I remember being nine, … Continue reading

Hoping that Hope Exists

Mirror me:
Wrinkles, lines, curves.

Melting into my insecurities,
I ponder.
Looking at a deeper reflection,
I dream.

The pain drips slowly –
Acid eating away at porcelain skin.

We are all dreamers,
Looking for the self within.