The Whitest Page

The irony of a blank page often haunts me it sits there white and limp taunting me. Penny for your thoughts? I usually write something then erase it, scrubbing the pink end into the paper until it has left a … Continue reading

Some Kind of New York Times

Love and Its Pages You are like an old newspaper – comfortable, familiar, soft to the touch. I hold you in my hands, Running my fingers down your spine – I smell you: pasty, subtle, pleasant to my nose. Your … Continue reading

Of Grammar and Other Things

Syntax You know my intimate details: my commas, my periods, my exclamation points. How can I hide from you? Shared syntax, parallel structure, semicolons. You know my rhythm: my iambic pentameter, a-bb-a, my ups and downs. You have read the … Continue reading

A Poetic Waltz

Today, I danced with poetry and she was divine.


Sleeping While Awake

Maybe there is a bed for dreamers
To tuck their thoughts into
At night.

Is when you unwind the thread
Of thoughts
That whirl and envelope you
Like a million stinging bees.

Are much like the brain:
Drumming, humming, churning.

Churning up swirls of dreams.



Compelled by parchment-paper,
Enthralled by a draft, a sentence,
A comma –

Typing you out
Syllable after syllable
Reading you out-loud like an endearing book.

You form my syntax,
My expression.

You are the novel I love to read.