One, Two, Three…

There is a knot in my stomach
for all of the people I’ve let go.

One by one,
with my unforgiveness,
they move in a single-file line…

Two for jealousy,
Three for bigotry.

A file-cabinet labeled Shame
holds all my regrets.



At the Jousting Match

Life is a game we play:
A tossed ball, a forgotten frisbee.

Memories fall out of a set like broken toys,
Chess pieces topple over into dust.

Life is a monopoly board, abandoned.

Figurines in a set,
Marbles in a box,
Dolls on a table…

Our magnetic tug of war.

Hoping that Hope Exists

Mirror me:
Wrinkles, lines, curves.

Melting into my insecurities,
I ponder.
Looking at a deeper reflection,
I dream.

The pain drips slowly –
Acid eating away at porcelain skin.

We are all dreamers,
Looking for the self within.